About Us

Juba Raha Camp was founded in the year 2006 and it was the first Hotel with self-contained rooms to be put up in Juba, Southern Sudan.

The Hotel took the risk and offered its most needed services to the people of Southern Sudan. In 2007 it was incorporated to form Juba Raha Co. LTD which is a private limited liability company under the laws of Southern Sudan.

Juba Raha Hotel is the first choice for Government States, NGO`s, Private individuals, and World Travelers build on a rich heritage and strength of its own brand and is dedicated to Humanity’s Quest for Longer, Healthier; Happier lives through innovation and better services to our present customers.

The Company credo stresses the genuine care and comfort of the guest, the finest personal service and facilities, alarm yet refined ambience and experience that fulfils even the unexpected needs and wishes of our clients. Juba Raha Hotel opens its arms to reach out across a continent of natural wonders. Explores the incredible range of Aussie experience beginning with the urban elegance of our prefabs, Bar, Conference halls to the raw beauty of flowers. Take the first step towards an unforgettable vocation that’s just right for you. The entire Hotel is literally at your fingertips when you visit www.jubaraha.com. Email us through reservations@jubaraha.com or jubarahareservations@gmail.com or call us on the following Hotline numbers: +254731333305, +21195500570, +2119955114240 +211955011032

The Company core values are;
• Customer centered
• Performance driven
• Development
• Mutual respect
• Honesty
• Participation
• Innovation
• Integrity

We take these values seriously and demonstrate them in everything we do.
Juba Raha Company Ltd can proudly state that it has the longest experience in Southern Sudan to offer the most efficient and reliable services in the Hotel sector.

Mission of the Company

The company’s mission is to create customer and client loyalty by providing superior customer service anticipating client needs and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Objectives of the company

a) Re-establish our position in the market as a recognized and trusted Hotel.
b) Fulfill its objective by providing their services to the public.
c) Provide quality service and good customer care by ensuring that all duty stations are efficiently staffed with trained staff
d) To support the local community by providing employment opportunities and act as a pillar and center of empowerment of the Sudanese people.

Conference Hall
Outside Catering
Lounge & Bar
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Sudan and South Sudan have hammered out a deal on how to share their oil wealth, one of a series of disputes that brought the rivals to the brink of all-out war earlier this year.
Government of Southern Sudan (GoSS) on Wednesday unveiled a $10.1 billion ambitious plan for future Southern Sudan cities; the new plan which has already been drawn up bears animal-shaped cities.